3 proven strategy for a failed digital marketer to earn 1 Crore in 1 year

Have you ever failed in doing digital marketing? If yes, Hi buddy, nice to meet you. I’ve failed not once, not twice not even thrice, I’ve failed precisely in 4 different business which was based on Digital Marketing. Now I have a solid strategy in hand that can never fail because this strategy is approved by Digital Deepak, the guru in Digital Marketing and it convinces me 100% that I’m going to earn Rs 1 crore in the next 1 year. I am damn sure this will convince you as your only gateway to the failed digital marketer to successful millionaire. Tighten your seat, silence your mobile phone, take out your notebook (with a pen of course), and keep reading.

Before we dig into the strategies that going to earn us Rs 1 Crore in 1 Year let us understand the fundamentals of marketing. Marketing is not about selling a product or advertising it, both are branches of marketing. Marketing is about understanding customer’s requirements in detail and creates a product that fits the customer's requirement so exactly that the product sells itself. Marketing starts from the conceptualization of the product itself and remains around the product always, even today Google and Facebook also advertise themselves.

Are you thinking why I’m telling you all these things? This is as important as ABCD and it will be used throughout our marketing journey.

Marketing mediums can be digital or traditional or both based on product requirements. It is really the product and customer segment that should decide whether to go for digital marketing or traditional marketing, in most cases, it should be both. If the product is targeted at a large segment of audience or general people then traditional media like TV, FM & Newspapers are best suitable. For example, Lux soap, this soap’s customer can be pretty much anyone. They need not target anyone, so traditional media is best suitable. In fact, all FMCG products can fall into this category.

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Now, let's consider Parallels, Parallels is software that allotters Mac users to run windows within it. This is very specific, their targeted users are only Mac users. Here digital marketing is best suited. Through digital media, they can target Mac users and offer them the product.

Oh! Are you fade up with basics? I understand, In fact, I also want to jump straight to the point but you know, it is always more fruitful to have a general talk, give some chocolates instead of proposing straight away to get rejected. (LOL….)

Now let’s see the proven strategy for a failed digital marketer to earn 1 Crore in 1 year but before implementing the strategy we need to work on two things,

a. Select a suitable niche

b. Improve communication skill

After understanding the strategies you make sure to read how to sharpen the above skills. I will talk about this after discussing the strategies. I know, you can’t wait anymore, me too…. 🙂


I failed in some business, the reason is I never understand or underestimate the importance of working on a personal brand. Only after my Internship with Digital Deepak, only I understood the importance of Personal Branding. Every business moves around a personal brand. People remember people more than brands. People remember Tesla because of Elon Musk, not the opposite. You must work on the strategy of getting known to your target audience.

Personal branding is an interesting subject. I will write separate articles on Step by Step Strategy to create a personal brand in 6 months. [Join my mailing list] to get the article first.

In short, create your presence in every place where your target audience is it Google (via blog), Facebook, Insta, Twitter, or even in Mars (just kidding…, actually you have to be if they are there, take help of Elon Musk… lol..). Important, don’t just be present, nobody remembers who was present with them but everyone remembers who makes them feel different. Make them feel different.

Now you will ask how can I make them feel different even without knowing them? That’s the exact question I was thinking about before I knew about Digital Power Hour. I coined this term. Thanks to me.. lol…

Dedicate 1 Hour every day [Exactly every day, don’t blame me for your failure if you fail to dedicate every day for the next 1 year] for your target audience. Share with them Resourceful, authoritative insider information backed by data and research on something they are looking for. And, answer their questions, with so much insight that they will say, “ This guy knows what he says”. That’s the exact state of emotion we are looking for. This will make them remember about you. This will create your authority on the subject. Next time they will eagerly listen to your posts of videos with more attention than ever. Now, you build your brand with that audience.

We will talk about this in more detail with my upcoming article. [Join my mailing list] to get the article first.

STRATEGY NO 2 — Integrated Digital Marketing

I failed in many businesses because I was just doing one thing. I ran a Facebook ad and tried to sell the leads. Things don’t work that straightforward in this information-overloaded world. We need to follow an integrated approach. For example, If you want to sell a Course on Yoga for Kids. Talk about it everywhere. If I’m your targeted customer, then I should see you talking about Yoga for Kids wherever I got. I should see you on YouTube, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Google Search, on Instagram, etc, this creates more recall value about you on my mind. This recall value is something that works as a catalyst in converting leads to sales. Next time when I get a call from you, I will be 10 times more attentive and there is 10 times more chance of me buying your product or service.

STRATEGY NO 3 — Most Important, building a CATT Funnel.

I failed in many businesses because I was just trying to sell via digital marketing that hardly works nowadays. You need to build trust before proposing your product or service. You will listen to someone you trust and it’s for everyone. Now let’s understand how to build trust with this CATT Model. This model is coined by Digital Deepak and I learned it by doing an Internship with him. My bad luck there is no affiliate link. Lol…

C — Build Great content for the targeted audience. Blog Posts, Videos, eBooks, Webinars, etc.

A — Attention. Get target audience attention or traffic via SEO, Social Media, Paid Ads, Referrals, etc.

T — Trust — Hook up with them via Drip Marketing, Marketing Automation, Tripwire marketing, etc.

T — Transaction — Convert the nurtured leads to customers via natural sales.

Now, here goes my formula to make 1 Core in the next 1 Year using the above strategy and you can make your own based on this.

Step 1 — Define the Niche [My Niche — ] — Define your own, before doing anything else.

Step 2 — Read some books learn about Sales communication.

[ I will read The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy, The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Powerful Advertising and Marketing Copy from One of America’s Top Copywriters]

Step 3 — Create Personal Brand — I will use my Digital Power Hour to connect with my target audience and create a strong brand.

Step 4 — Create Content. For the next 6 months, I’m going to write 2 posts a week, 2 videos a week, and share one Power Thought daily.

Step 5 — I will use SEO, Some Paid Ads, Social Media to drive traffic to my content.

Step 6 — I will build trust via drip marketing.

Step 7 — I will sell my program.

Niche — App Store Optimisation

Product — ASO Course, ASO Advanced Course, ASO Consulting

Product Unit Cost — Rs 499, Rs 4999 [ $25, $100 for international]

No of Product to sell in One year — 20,000 Units of Rs 499 & 2000 Units of Rs 4999

Total Revenue — 2 Cr

Profit Margin — 50%

Total Profit — 1 Cr

I know, this article is becoming too long but I’m sure, this article can change your life. I will write a separate article on CATT Model and Marketing automation to explain this in more detail. You can search in Google about this, but before that, you complete this article and make your final strategy on Pen and Paper.

Make your plan and comment here. If you can make the plan now and put in a comment, I damn sure you will achieve it.

Good Luck !!

If you have something in your brain, just tweet me https://twitter.com/ThePradipBehera




I am a Mechanical Engineer turned Digital Marketer. I specifically help Business owners to get more installs with their apps by ranking high on App Stores.

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Pradeep Behera

Pradeep Behera

I am a Mechanical Engineer turned Digital Marketer. I specifically help Business owners to get more installs with their apps by ranking high on App Stores.

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